Business Sales

Selling a business is no small feat. It takes time, dedication, and a devoted team ready to help you meet your goals. At Northwest Business Sales, we're here to help you on your journey. We have had the pleasure of assisting several owners with the sale of their businesses. Below are a few of the most recent business sales that we've had the honor of conducting.

creekside grill

Creekside Grill

The Creekside Grill, located in Silverton, Oregon, opened its doors in September 2008 as a casual fine-dining restaurant, bar, and lounge. Situated on the edge of Silver Creek, the business was increasingly profitable each year and won numerous awards for the excellence of its presentation.

Like many businesses in the hospitality industry, Creekside Grill felt the impact of the pandemic and state-wide mandates. The owners experienced difficulty retaining employees and elected to shutter the business. They made numerous improvements to the property and maintained its appearance for business showings. Their business eventually sold for all cash while closed. As the representative broker, it was an incredible experience to help this company after a two-year journey.

quality electronics

Quality Electronics

The business originally opened in 1997. Its primary source of income was repairing consumer electronics, including television sets, CDs, stereo equipment, and related products. Eventually, the business transitioned into repairing household and non-commercial appliances. The business acquired numerous contractual agreements with manufacturers and warranty companies, which created a high degree of recurring income.

The business was significantly impacted by the pandemic beginning in March 2020. As the representative brokers, we identified the benefits and opportunities of commercial SBA financing. The business sold as a team approach with the participation of the owner, lender, buyer, and a business intermediary managing the processes, who created a long-term friendship with the seller.


Mid Lane Truck and Trailer Repair Equipment

The business was an independent truck and trailer repair shop since 1985 and was purchased by the current owner(s) in 2006. This “one-stop shop” for truck and trailer repair was capable of performing mechanical and service work on most light, medium, and heavy truck applications. The business drew financial strength from the ability to diversify its areas of expertise.

The business operated in a multi-level commercial park with a 12,000-square-foot building. In an effort to increase productivity and cost-effectiveness, the selling ownership opted to invest in the marketability of the business and the building by upgrading various cosmetic and practical features of the building. The improvements eventually attracted a long-term lease relationship.

 After several years of searching the market, an industry investor purchased the business based on the performance and facility commitment of the selling ownership. From a business intermediary standpoint, it was an exceeding rewarding professional experience.


Dandelion’s Flowers and Gifts

This independent, non-franchise floral and gift shop has been operating since 1974. It is the recipient of numerous awards in excellence for products and services. The operation began at the local Saturday Market and quickly evolved into a full-scale floral shop. The heart and spirit of the business revolve around a recognized and accepted company mission statement based on exceptional service, “if it can be done, the shop can do it.”

The business carved out a platform by fulfilling special requests from customers that most other shops could not fill. The platform has proven to be successful by enduring several national, regional, and local financial recessions, where many of the local competitors have collapsed. The business successfully differentiated itself from the very competitive industry, creating a model that other businesses could learn from; great people and amazing service standards.

capella market

Capella Market

The Capella Market is an exceptional, locally-owned neighborhood natural food store that competes well with other local, regional, and national grocery and beverage chain stores. The business's success is due to multiple years of branding, with a long legacy of ownership, determined management, and long-term employees. Not to mention, extensive experience in merchandising natural and organic foods.

Within the operational platform are multiple measurable profit centers. The driving force is the idea that customer service is the number one priority; coupled with having a selection of organic and non-organic products. Located in a very demographically supportive neighborhood, this business is a testament to the importance of location, location, location.

aqua seafood

Aqua Seafood Restaurant

The business was a locally owned high-end casual dining restaurant and lounge specializing in a wide selection of fresh Oregon and Northwest seafood. The business sat in a historical building along with other destination point restaurants. One of the main attractions was a large fish tank with one oversized fish that was a favorite of younger and older diners. Many repeat customers had given it a name.

The owner created a staff of long-term employees, including a regionally recognized executive chef, alongside several sous chefs and a mix of part-time university students. Multiple profit centers were created, such as an on-site private dining area that would accommodate up to fifteen, a combination of to-go family meals, and catering to-go offerings. The house specialty was the fresh Chinook salmon, a selection of seasonal fresh blackened seafood, and Oregon oysters, all paired with Oregon wines and beverages.