Our Team

Patrick Bice, Business Broker & Business AppraiserPatrick D. Bice, Owner, CBI, BCA, CMEA, SBA

All businesses have multiple “value driving forces” that very potentially define their products and services either formally or informally and all have a unique story that needs to be told. These Value Drivers are valuable assets and resources that need to be explored and discussed and frequently play a significant role in the value of the enterprise and its successful sale. As a Certified Business Intermediary (highest designation for main street business brokers) Business Certified Appraiser and a Senior Business Analyst, I take the required interest and time to understand the ownership’s business and how I can maximize its value.  My pledge is “Creating Exceptional Value For Business Owners” which is more than just a canned slogan or tag line but a personal and professional commitment.

Growing up on the Southern Oregon Coast with a family that owned multiple businesses, I had my first job at age 12 working in my family’s restaurants and quite early developed a respect for main street business ownership and the sometimes challenging work involved.  Since that time, I have been an operating owner/partner in three successful businesses; two were start-ups.  I graduated from Oregon State University in the School of Business and Education with additional graduate studies.  Upon graduation, I was a high school and community college accounting and marketing teacher for three years, an experience that changed my life.  Currently, I am an advisory program member in the hospitality program at Lane Community College and a member of the policy committee with the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association.  I have also been a guest speaker with local professional business groups on valuing and purchasing main street businesses and am a new member of the Springfield Chamber of Commerce. I have practical experience working with community banks on creating appraisals for Small Business Administration loans.

Within all business opportunity sales’ either owner-operator main street or lower mid-market, there are probable numerous business resources based on a combination of financial performance, business location, product/service mix, management/personnel, vendor relationships, operating practices and procedures, technologies and economic factors in telling a complex story that create a business’s market value range. It presents potential acquisition opportunities for financial or strategic buyer/investors.

What distinguishes Northwest Business Sales And Certified Appraisals (NWBSCA) is the creation of comprehensive Confidential Business Resumés and professional supportive documents that serve as financial and operational platforms for future buyer/investors in food/beverage, distribution/manufacturing, retail and service businesses along with over ten years of experience as a broker and appraiser with several transactions and business valuations.

As a business broker and appraiser, my responsibilities include detailed financial and operational analysis looking for future business performance along with providing encouragement and coaching for the ownership to create a supportable market based financial platform that maximizes business value.  I will assist you with each step in either buying or selling an Oregon business.

If you have questions regarding your desire to have a business valuation performed or are considering a possible future exit, I welcome your confidential telephone calls, e-mails or meetings.  At that time, we can discuss the services provided by NWBSCA and how I may be a valuable professional resource.